OTC Lock

The New Development for Service Enhancement – OTC Lock

Multiple Authentications for Greater Access Control
To access the ATM, users must have three forms of authentication:

1) A four-digit PIN unique to the individual user
2) An assigned touch key
3) A valid one-time-use code generated by the system software

Improved One-Time-Use Codes
One-time-use codes will expire if not used within the operator-specified time window. This results in reduced risk, as the code is not “live” indefinitely until used.

Fast, Easy Installation
It is an easy retrofit onto existing and new ATMs – fewer parts and no spindles cut speed installation and reduce installation errors.

No Vendor Meets
Traditional solutions require parties to physically meet at the ATM when initially assigning service mode access rights and again if changes in service providers occur. This practice is costly, time-consuming and inefficient. Ours utilizes secure file transfers to facilitate ATM access authorizations – a unique technology that saves time and money while allowing greater control of subcontractor access.

Times Is in the Lock, Not on the Key
Accurate time is critical to creating a reliable audit trail. By keeping the time in the lock, it is not susceptible to time drift, which renders audit trail reports unreliable.

No Close Seal Required
It does not require entering a close code into the system software before generating a new code for the lock – this saves time and eliminates the risk of out-of –synch codes.

Multi-Language Software
The Lock Management Software can meet global ATM deployment needs by offering multiple languages

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